Handyman Rene Verlaan

I am Rene Verlaan, a versatile person and I have been working as an independent handyman for 20 years, a total of 36 years working in practice.

Creativity, improvisation and an attitude of focused approach have been introduced to me from childhood on. When I was a child my grandfather’s barn was the place to be, there I started trimming and sawing all kinds of things. Later on I received technical training as a mechanic, metal worker.

From the age of 17 I have been working in practice. Mechanic commercial vehicles / concrete pumps, 10 years tinkering, welding and spraying, but also pouring concrete, finishing concrete and concrete pump operator. After that I worked at various companies such as truck driver, warehouse worker / maintenance man, gardener, courier and painter.

At the same time, I have also developed myself as a person when it comes to attitude to life, which is directly translated positively in the work into facets such as calm, social, reliable and flexible. All applied experience and developed qualities I now apply daily with dedication with satisfied customers and word of mouth advertising.